Fully Licensed

I had my G driving test on Tuesday, and I’m still recovering. The anxiety, the fear of failure, the whiplash from checking mirrors every five seconds. For those of you who are not from Ontario, a G license is the last step in securing your full license. And I’ve been putting it off for about, […]

Apartment Envy

Like most twenty-something year old girls, I am a fan of romantic comedies. But probably not for the same reasons as everyone else. While girls go for the male leads, comparing their boyfriends to Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum, I go for the apartments (although Jake Gyllenhaal would be an added bonus). In almost every […]

Old/New House and HGTV

With the impending move back to our old house, I’ve spent a lot of time in appliance stores. I was never aware of the serious effort and decision making that went into such a process. Like which way should the fridge open up? What knobs on the stove are the most ergonomic? Stop it I […]


In the past year, I’ve started to listen to podcasts because I’m 90 years old. Any day now I’ll start listening to CBC on the radio and needlepoint myself a motivational saying to hang on my wall. After obsessively listening to Sarah Koenig’s “Serial”, I started hearing about a podcast called “Mortified”, where adults share […]

Moving On

Moving has become something I’m really good at. The packing, the heavy lifting, the house showings, the organizing of literally everything you own. Yeah no, I’m actually really bad at it, and avoid as much of it as I can get away with. Mainly by pretending it’s not actually happening. Sometimes faking a lack of […]

About Me

Hi, my name is Emily, and I’m a 23-year-old Queen’s University graduate. I am the queen of overthinking and over analyzing (Should I say that? Does that make me look paranoid?) so writing has always been something that I’ve found comforting. Whenever I tell someone that I’m an English major, their first question is always: […]