Apartment Envy

Like most twenty-something year old girls, I am a fan of romantic comedies. But probably not for the same reasons as everyone else. While girls go for the male leads, comparing their boyfriends to Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum, I go for the apartments (although Jake Gyllenhaal would be an added bonus). In almost every romantic comedy, the female lead has an amazing apartment, despite their unfortunate, low-paying job (see Rachel Green from Friends). While girls are swooning over the manly scruff, which Ryan Reynolds has grown for the part of a delinquent-bad-boy, I find my self saying things like: “Those must be eight foot ceilings” or “check out that crown moulding” or “I wonder if their utilities are included?” Romantic comedies never fail for providing envy-worthy apartments. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Jane’s apartment from 27 Dresses.


I honestly think success is measured by how great your apartment is. Every time I see this movie, my thoughts consist of: “ugh that tile is perfect” and “her fridge is the only thing that makes this place look attainable” and “I have nowhere to put that couch, but I would like that couch”.

2. Kathleen’s apartment from You’ve Got Mail.


I know it is virtually impossible to get a New York apartment these days (unless you are a multimillionaire or somehow related to the Kardashians) but Kathleen’s apartment is by far my favourite. Everything about it is cozy and perfect. The scene when Joe Fox comes over when she’s sick, is the best because you literally get to see every aspect of her apartment.

3. Mindy’s apartment in The Mindy Project


The Mindy Project is amazing for so many reasons (a lot of them being Danny Castellano) but her apartment is what I consider to be my life goal. I found myself stressing about Mindy’s red wine drinking on her white couch. Also, I get that she’s a doctor and fairly wealthy, but she changes her duvet cover every ten episodes. Who can buy a new duvet cover that often?! I would probably never leave my apartment if it looked as good as hers.

4. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment on Sex in the City


Carrie essentially has the perfect life. She writes about her life. Lives in New York. And has a place to put all of her copies of Vogue. They are lined up perfectly in a massive bookshelf by her front door, whereas I’ve got like five stacked on my bedside table…the appeal really isn’t the same. She writes at her desk at the window, a perfect view of New York, her windows open, birds chirping. I, in comparison, often hear the sound of a guy walking down the street burping the alphabet. I know, charming.

So if you ever get the opportunity to watch a rom com with me, it’s most likely going to be like you’re reading Architectural Digest. So, obviously super enjoyable, sign up is below!

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