In the past year, I’ve started to listen to podcasts because I’m 90 years old. Any day now I’ll start listening to CBC on the radio and needlepoint myself a motivational saying to hang on my wall.

After obsessively listening to Sarah Koenig’s “Serial”, I started hearing about a podcast called “Mortified”, where adults share embarrassing stories or diary entries from when they were younger. My favourite one is Tynan’s, who in high school would write in his journal as if he were a hip hop star, and ends every entry with what he wore, ate, and then says, “Peace! One Luv!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t as interesting.
When we moved out of my childhood home, my older sister Brittany and I came across a box of my old journals. Oh yes. 7 in total, all spanning from age 8 to 18. I’m really disappointed to say that I did not try to impersonate a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, although to be honest, I think my main musical influences followed more of a Hilary Duff vibe. My best work is from 2003:
Take note, that is a velvet cover. Complete with lock, to hide my scandalous third grade lifestyle. It was a lot of recounting: what I did that day, what I looked forward to, and 8 year old drama (my sister got the new Shania Twain CD and NOT ME). Let me paint you a picture:
Thursday August the 14th 2003 
me and my family are going to san fansico. We get a walk men for the plane Because I got a Muiltapulycan CD and it helps you better with math and sing too. On the plane I want to sit with Brittany. In the plane there is a T.V. so your not bored. 
Yeah let that soak in. I was the kid on the plane listening to adults sing about multiplication tables (bit of a spoiler alert, it failed me). I think what’s most concerning is the spelling, but hey, I was feeling good, going to san fansico with my walkman, lookout world. It’s obvious I was not as creative as Tynan. It’s also very possible that I will look back on this blog in a couple years and be thinking the same things as I did looking at my old diary.
I wore jean shorts, a tank top, and ate a bagel. Peace! One Luv!

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